Accent coaching through a range of techniques


Everyone learns differently, and I aim to work responsively to meet the needs of each individual through the use of a range of techniques.  I am able to coach most accents and dialects and I have the skills to analyse and coach any that I am not familiar with.  I use a range of techniques, including sensory, imaginary and phonetic awareness to coach accents. (If you need to speak with a different dialect, there’s more information on the ‘Dialect Coaching’ page - otherwise, see below for accent softening and modification)


Accent Modification 

If you wish to soften an accent in your everyday speech, this can be accomplished through a series of sessions which build awareness of your current speech patterns, and exercises for you to practice in your own time. ( I don't like the phrase 'accent reduction' - instead I prefer to think about accent softening or modification.)

"Thank you very much for the English speaking lessons! Your teaching skills and knowledges are brilliant, you helped me solve many English speaking questions that have confused me for years. 

Every lesson I can learn something useful from you. And in just several weeks time, I can feel the big difference of my English speaking between before the course and after.

The lessons totally achieved my expectation before we started. And I would recommend Perry to other people if they really want to improve their accent and English speaking skills!" Ryan Shu


Contact me to arrange an accent coaching session or for more information.