Dialect coaching on and off set.


Everyone learns dialects differently, and wether you are a visual, auditory or kinestetic learner, I aim to work responsively to meet your needs.  I can coach most accents and dialects and have the skills to analyse and coach any that I am not familiar with.  Accents I have coached include:

  • General American, New York, Texan, Kentucky and other USA accents

  • RP (received pronunciation) and variations of RP including the Neutral Standard English Accent NSEA

  • British regional dialects, including, but not limited to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Yorkshire, Cockney, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Devonshire and Essex.

  • Australian and New Zealand

  • French, German, Norwegian, Finnish and a range of European accents

Dialect Coach

Completed in Early 2019, The Luminaries is set in 1860’s New Zealand, and has been my biggest dialect coaching job to date. I worked every day for four months with an international cast of actors and coached more than 30 different accents, and more than a dozen varieties of RP/NSEA.

I was responsible for designing the dialects in consultation with the director, Claire McCarthy, the writer Eleanor Catton (Booker Prize winner 2013) and the producers. I worked in collaboration with the actors offset and then coached them, as required, on set throughout the production.

As an experienced actor, casting director and a qualified teacher, with considerable experience on both sides of the camera, I am an ideal choice for dialect coaching on set and off.  I understand the delicate balance and sensitivity required in order to minimise disruption to the creative process, while contributing essential support.

“I had a week and a half prior to shooting (The Luminaries) to pull together a Northern UK accent, a dialect that I had never done before. The work that Perry did with me was invaluable. She was clear, concise, great to work with, and made it very easy for me. I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. I would urge anyone to work with her without question. Thank you Perry.”

Ewen Leslie: The Cry, Top of the Lake, Sweet Country, Safe Harbour, Devils Dust, Dead Europe.

"Perry is an actor's gift. She combines a thorough knowledge of English and American accents and on-set performer's 'nous' of what needs to get done. Trust her, hire her, she is most definitely worth the money. "  

K. C. Kelly: Producer, actor, director. The Hobbit, The Great Maiden’s Blush, Hook Line and SInker

"Working with Perry has been a treat! I needed to ace a tricky accent in a short space of time and Perry came to my rescue. Before we’d even started she’d constructed a short and sharp guide to give me a quick ‘in’ into the specific characteristics of this particular accent. Within the space of an hour Perry and I had outlined key vowel sounds, muscularity and tonality. As we worked through the script she pointed out ‘ticks’ I had and tricks to ensure I would feel confident and overcome any words that got in my way. Going into this audition I now feel I have some quick and efficient ways to access this accent… I’m also going to have a lot of fun!” 

Timmie Cameron:  The Rehearsal, Sisterhood, Ur Dead to me


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