Exercising my voice – it’s an inexpensive and guilt free pleasure.

I’ve joined a gym.  As I pedal, stride and flex my hard won way towards fitness after 50, I'm fascinated the crafting and enhancement of bodies all around me, by the amount of energy and focus being poured into physical fitness. As I pedal to nowhere, I wonder why we are so focused on physical fitness and give our vocal fitness so little attention?

According to Mehrabain, 38% of our initial response to people is informed by their voice.  So resonance, pace, clarity, volume and rhythm accounts for 38% of first impressions!  That’s massive. Yet how many people are investing in how they sound?  I wonder if my fellow gymsters know that they can also develop vocal flexibility, tone and responsivity? That voice and physicality can come together in a unified impression, conveying integrity and trustworthy alignment.

I am lucky, I get to work out vocally everyday with my clients and students, as I model voice exercises.  Vocal testing, creativity and playfulness bounces around me.  I want my voice to stay strong, flexible and multi dimensional.  I am always going to be working with my voice, as long as I live and breathe.  I know that even if I didn’t teach, I would still exercise my voice – it’s an inexpensive and guilt free pleasure.

What if we invested as much in our vocal fitness and embodied speech as in our physical fitness?  It would make conversation and interaction life in general much more interesting.